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Students of every age enjoy this project

Stand on a large sheet of paper (12X18 in.) and trace the outline of your shoe. Then, after erasing some of your unnecessary lines, use that “template” shape to create an imaginary fish by adding a tail, fins, and so on. Seth, a sixth grader, picked out an orange marker and started making a plaid pattern all over his fish. A mosaic design emerged as he continued coloring in all of the tiny boxes with a unique color palette. As you can see, Seth completed his creation by adding stripes on the top fin of his Shoe Fish.

Try it! Send me a copy of your creation!

Author: Bonnie Porter

Bonnie Porter is an artist who lived in Europe and now resides in Atlanta. A part-time art teacher who paints and creates with a love of color, line and composition, drawing on inspiration from everywhere.

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