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TULIP TIME! Spring is in the air. And tulips are a favorite subject matter for watercolor studies. One reason children are drawn to tulips is their “easy shape”—a big letter “U” with upside down “V” shapes on the top! Their long droopy stems and elongated leaves make them interesting to sketch and paint, too. Since each tulip seems to be a blend of several colors, we are prone to dip into every color in our paint palette with appealing results.

My KinderArt students concentrated on taking care to clean their brushes well every time they changed colors, but they worked quietly and steadily with loose brushstrokes to create a bouquet of flowers. While my Intermezzo ladies worked in deep concentration for over an hour to painstakingly produce a single tulip, more of a botanical study than a still life study.

Author: Bonnie Porter

Bonnie Porter is an artist who lived in Europe and now resides in Atlanta. A part-time art teacher who paints and creates with a love of color, line and composition, drawing on inspiration from everywhere.

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