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First Time experiences are always a challenge

First Time experiences are always a challenge. I had a wonderful first-time experience teaching an art class in Miss Justina’s art camp—downtown Atlanta by Grant Park. Middle School age kids who were exceptionally well-behaved, good workers and bubbly personalities. They were delightful!

They were also good sports about what cd. have been a boring art project. Some of them had more fun trying to guess which of the fruit I had placed on their table was “real” and which pieces were “fake”! But most of them eventually got their creative juices flowing as I encouraged them to use the chalk pastels to create large Drama Fruit drawings. IE., fruit with layers of color that zing!

Nan went with me. Cheerleader and traffic navigator and helping hand. A heart full of humility. Frequent prayers her way of life. Such a good friend and co-laborer.

I’m grateful Molly nudged me through this door of opportunity. It finally happened!

Author: Bonnie Porter

Bonnie Porter is an artist who lived in Europe and now resides in Atlanta. A part-time art teacher who paints and creates with a love of color, line and composition, drawing on inspiration from everywhere.

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