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Cartabella Art Camp1 was a rich learning experience. I could not have asked for a sweeter group of children for my first art camp. I loved the happy mix of quiet concentration and smiling faces as the children worked on their paintings and collages. Our end-of-the-class Drawing Games seemed to draw out their creativity even more . . . which always put a smile on my face!

But what a relief that it’s over! Now I can relax and review the Happenings. I want to be better prepared for the one in July. Procedure changes to make and lesson plans to modify.

Encouraging to get this kind of immediate feedback from one parent: “The camp was an 11…on a scale of 1-10 (smile)!” But I need to solicit more suggestions for improving it.

Lauren, my oldest granddaughter, was a big help with behind-the-scenes details. And Andrew M. lent a helping hand a few days, too.

Stacey, my daughter-in-law who is a preschool teacher, was “on site” several mornings. We have her to thank for the radiant “portrait” photos of each child.

Some of my goals for the children were met:
*Working together “in community”– building friendships and serving others
*Introduction to one European country/artist each day
*A mix of daily take-home projects and portfolio projects
*Instruction based projects interspersed with unstructured, creative activities

What will I do differently the next time?
*Separate boys/girls classes with a closer age span (ie., girls who have completed grades 1-3, etc.)
*Fewer projects with more instruction and more one-on-one guidance
*Specific procedures for meet and greet, arrival and departure, circle time, etc.

I’m asking God to help me create an environment that will nurture their creative expression while they learn concepts and skills.

Author: Bonnie Porter

Bonnie Porter is an artist who lived in Europe and now resides in Atlanta. A part-time art teacher who paints and creates with a love of color, line and composition, drawing on inspiration from everywhere.

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