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TAJ MAHAL, Architecture Exercise. Students readily recognized that this “famous building” is a good example of Symmetry. We discussed how to draw it, focusing on breaking it down into shapes. My grand children’s building blocks were used to “construct” a simple model of the Taj Mahal’s basic shapes: rectangles, half circles, squares, and cylinders. Some of the Middle School students opted to use a ruler and follow a few precise measurements designed for the size of paper they used. Other students used a rule just to draw the horizon line and then using a rectangle template in the middle they were able to “construct” and draw the rest of the building, following the symmetrical design portrayed in the one-point perspective image.

Author: Bonnie Porter

Bonnie Porter is an artist who lived in Europe and now resides in Atlanta. A part-time art teacher who paints and creates with a love of color, line and composition, drawing on inspiration from everywhere.

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